Never Too Much Of A Good Thing

Sep 22, 2020Blog, Events

107 Steak & Bar offers superior cuts of meat, cooked to perfection to ensure that every bite is as mouth-watering as the last.

This steakhouse is of the firm belief that “too much of a good thing” simply does not exist. Taking this to heart, 107 has crafted a menu to fit all tastes, appetites, and moods.

The possibilities are virtually endless. Indulge in absolutely monstrous cuts of sumptuous meat like the famous Tomahawk, our heavy hitter Bone-in RibEye, designed to test a person’s desire for a delicious meal against the boundaries of the human appetite.

Savor the lighter things, like the uniquely delicious Andalusian Style Squid with Black Garlic Aioli and savory Salmon Tartare. You can even lose yourself in our decadent desserts like the Toronto Chocolate Tart and 107 Bread Pudding.

Vegetarian friends are more than welcomed with the varied vegan options. Try our delightfully delicious Quinoa Salad as a wonderful meat (and guilt) -free alternative. The menu also offers a variety of gluten-free dishes like the fresh Avocado & Crab Roll and Grilled Octopus on Roasted Potatoes for those with dietary restrictions.

107 Steak & Bar delivers a memorable dining experience to all of their customers with mouth-watering dishes made to order with fresh, high-quality ingredients, the finest cuts of meat, and unique handcrafted cocktails. Prepare yourself for the best steakhouse experience you can find in Miami.

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